How Kiddiplan came about

As parents we couldn’t find an easy way to book local activities and classes for kids, so we created KiddiPlan to make the process as easy as possible.

My son had shown an interest in attending football classes, and when I mentioned it to my wife, she said “Great. You sort it out.” “Sure,” I thought, “- how hard can it be?”

Over the next few hours and days, I found out exactly how hard it can be to book a single children’s class. First, finding the classes themselves: Googling, sifting through endless websites, and rifling through the myriad of listings magazines that seem to pile up all over the house, from the kitchen counter to the hall table to my son’s bookbag. Once you’ve found the classes themselves, you enter the next stage of booking: email after email, text messages, phone calls and voicemails; some unanswered, some bouncing back through the ether, some with waiting lists. After a couple of days, you emerge bruised and confused from the process: did I actually manage to book anything, or will we turn up to a session only to find our name’s not on the list and we’re not coming in?

We’re parents too and we get it: you have almost zero time. You’re already overwhelmed with work and trying to keep the house in some sort of state that won’t have casual visitors fearing they’re going to contract salmonella, while the laundry pile seems to have taken on a life of its own, you’re juggling what you have in the fridge that you can turn into a reasonably nutritious meal that everyone in the family will actually eat, and your kid has just told you that they need to build a working model of a rocket out of recycling for school tomorrow. Oh, and they’d also like a snack, and a drink, and for you to change the channel on the telly, and find their favourite bowl, and put their socks on for them. Finally you complete the two hour war of attrition that is bedtime, then you just have time for a quick glass of wine before you collapse into bed knowing that tomorrow you get to do it all again. It’s joyful and it’s messy and it’s wonderful, but it’s also absolutely exhausting.

We’re parents too and we get it: you have almost zero time.

If only, we thought, there was a website where you could find out quickly and easily what was on near you for kids, and book classes online? No more internet searches or voicemails or bouncing emails. And so, Kiddiplan came about. Search quickly and easy for amazing kids’ classes, and filter by age, day, activity and distance. Book online, stress-free, in just a couple of clicks. Then let them enjoy kids’ yoga, French classes, football, drama and so much more.

And you never know: with any luck, they’ll be so tired out for the fantastic circus skills workshop that you just found, you might be able to shave down bedtime by half an hour and have time for a second glass of wine.

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