Top Dance Classes for Kids in London

Dance classes have always been a staple pastime for kids, they offer a way to develop artistic expression, stay fit, and a social hub to find like minds. But with so many dance schools on offer in London, choosing the right class for your kids can be a lot of work and quite frankly, a headache. 

It’s just as hard to know what style of dance will most suit your child. They may benefit by gaining the poise, grace and discipline that comes from traditional styles of ballet, or they may prefer the free-flowing style of hip hop. All forms have their benefits but as with anything you need to know that the institution and teachers that you decide to go with are experienced and highly-rated within the dance community. 

We’ve put together a list of some of the best dance classes for kids in the London area that include trial classes so your child can try out and see if the class, teachers and students are a good fit for them.

Specialised Classes


To start off with a classic, Ballet has been a long time favourite kids class, and a good entry into the world of dance and performance. Known for its elegance and timeless appeal, ballet provides a world of benefits for a child’s development both physically and mentally. As probably the most popular choice it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of options in London, which makes the choice all the more difficult. 

While many of the providers on our list come as very highly recommended ballet schools, Kensington Ballet School focuses solely on ballet as its specialisation and so deserves a mention here. The school was created by Karen Lowe who has performed professionally in productions including “Swan Lake” and “The Nutcracker”. Along with her team of classically trained ballerinas and teachers, Karen offers a style of ballet that is focused on theatrical performance and fun while using a mixture of classical and children’s music to stimulate creativity and musicality.

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Street Dance

Founded in 2005 Funky Moves is a modern street dance institution focused on making the benefits of dance accessible to everyone. Their award-winning classes, parties and events have earned them a reputation for fun and vibrance within the dance community. Perfect for kids who like to try something outside of the more controlled dance forms, Funky Moves is all about freedom of expression. Classes are taught by a long list of professional dancers and the benefits your kids will see from a street dance class include boosted confidence, coordination, tension release and fitness.

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Varied Classes

The Little Dance Academy is a great place to start if your child is looking for a wide range of possible dance styles. The Little Dance Academy offers ballet, hip hop, drama and tap classes in the form of both group and private classes. Their focus is on creating a nurturing and warm environment for dancers of all levels and ages to grow their confidence and skills. The Little Dance Academy is a great option for fostering a love for dance and creativity in your kids. 

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Dakoda’s Dance Academy or D.D.A. is another great all-rounder academy to consider. Originally just focusing on RAD ballet for kids, Dakota’s has expanded over the years to include top-quality tap and jazz, hip hop, and street dance classes. With a strong group of staff many of whom still work in the industry and a well known annual show for students held at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Piccadilly your kids will be in for a unique and empowering experience with this school. 

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Honourable mentions:

Blue Performing Arts in Wandsworth offer a great range of dance classes as well as Acting and Singing to provide a full range of options for creative development. 

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Sporty Minis in South West London focus on dance and sports classes for younger kids who’d like to try dance with a strong focus on fun. 

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Flourish Dance in Bermondsey for a more central/East option focusing on ballet, tap, and modern dance styles aimed at kids aged 3-7. 

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